Don’t let me fool you

I’m on every wire

It’s just how much I’ll never believe

I see it 

I already saw it 

It’s so clear

Nothing is there 

But I’m standing on it

And I’m hearing the echos

Of music that seems real


There’s got to be a better place..
How can I spin out the time

What are we all doing to each other?  
I need a white room

Saturated in sunlight

My body submerged in pink salt water……
Walk on the mountains endlessly



A pretty life

Does not need momentary representations

On the Internet
It doesn’t hold on

It doesn’t make you wait

It doesn’t wait
Is it always available? 
Is it the choice to enjoy the void

Of where you are

And knowing that wanting

Is wanting.
It’s just pictures to cry about

When you’re alone on Christmas

You’re so smart

You still think it will be like the pictures

When,  then? 

A little bit deadly, yeah

​Look out:

She’s digging her nails into the dirt 

They are interested
The sugar

Is rotting me out

From the inside

All of the things

I’m responsible to say

Are rotting

While I feel it and say

I’m not responsible

For that

That’s not my fault
Is it?

My sister did it
Knock knock

Everything you want
Taking pictures
The hole right through me

That’s where it all goes

When no one is paying attention

I’m in the mirror

I wish I did what I said I was going to do

It would have been paper
Studying makes

Sex better
 need to study

Go right ahead
That just sinks right thru me and


I can’t feel it.

I don’t let myself care about any of it, them, her, 

A small population of concerned

It’s only just me

In the mirror

 Thinking of the past and the future

my nails though the dust

     that was his skin
Looking for something 

deadly and 

dark and