something woke up fierce with razor claws and gorgeous eyes

furious and fast asleep

suburned skin on white cotton

trade money for secrets

only your mind can take you away

she won’t explain anymore

I woke up extremely uneasy

I am okay with it

there is no truth

maybe I am

I fully understand

yes, I’m

you weren’t particularly

to think that I know the truth

I cannot say I

people feel. maybe

when you told me

to her outside

cobblestone street in the city

did you write me while I was

skin was burning hot

ask why

only as bad as they

brief little wave

she ignores you

smile and walk out the door

certainty outside of my

some bench inside

some other city

the place you are dying

to go is so dark

there is no


as bad as they make other people feel

it only feels bad

when it flickers out on the pavement

in the basement

don’t like the

too much to give up

to get her attention

we were seeing

certainty outside of our

good about it~~~

yeah we made it to the


mom is there

he trades

reach and wave

she won’t explain anymore

something else would be easy

the place you are dying to go

is so vivid

the room ignites with purple lightning

the scenes unfold in real time

you know it’s only real

You know that it’s only just real