expired dreams

uncut then cut up

down and around, i can’t care for you all anymore. ‘water water everywhere’ but not a drop to spare. gone, satisfy?
they are making her sweep, why is she still crying about it?



i’m lifted, you asked.

the bruises healed before they appeared.




just how to stare

what appears?

foreign worlds.

i was drowned seven times

by the tears of a stranger with my face

i’ll give you her number if you are inclined

to pretend there’s a voice on the line

i think it, i love it, its mine.

it’s not here.

i already fucking learned: my dreams have me flying for now

time will fold over

i saw it all sinking, stinking, melting into nothing.

all the people made of clay and the great big gray light.

starry eyed delirium desire of

open skies and open eyed fucks of my life.

you’re all outside standing, just visiting i know

impatient i stare at the way you are,

your dark oceans don’t roar they just roll over

no more time, no religion

i can see you from here

october witchcraft

there’s a cold longing that I recognize that is floating around in this crisp air, somewhere,
Seeping through
the desperate, rotting core of those
Damned hallways.
White heat.

a scented stick, a lonely death

and how id watch it those nights, all alone

i know it.
the plants walked, alive
when my head would subside and i would watch them for great lengths
back then,
oh, how i see it again and i feel it
all over again
the smoke and the cold, only this time i am not
seven years old.

Oh can’t someone help
Can’t someone explain
i’ve come down with a case of
something so strange.

Oh those dark waters-
i could swim them so softly.

For Dylan

For Dylan

To find hearts in the holes of the leaves
To find holes in the hearts of the trees
To find holes inside lungs and in hearts
To find that your loves die five minutes apart

to be found by the flies
to exist without eyes
Well- They have found me
[early]- through secrets
Through cracks in my head
(or was that the crack
I fell though my bed?)

To think of a dear
I think he’s the hearts in the leaves
when I look for him,
I see burning trees
The same memory
Repeats: of the time we had no
animals, cross in front of me
what was supposed to be?
A rain clarity; (can I say clarity?)

and I feel the bugs start to cover me

So i say,
You can take me!
but cigarettes take time
clocks talk back
and the walls bend with us
tell us
we’re better off without clocks (and walls)

Now only I see:
a long white fence
black poles
try and fill an Old-bucket
that’s filled with black holes
all you can do
is jump through-
and find another bucket.

I burn a black candle
Sing to red spiders
The rain is a cracked-crystal soul
of a dead crab
with your initials

To see all the black
in a field of green-

it seems-
you never can know
where it’s at
or the ones that you see
(they tell me I’m crazy,
But I wonder too much to be clear (like moving water)

Who sees what is sad?
Who started the thunder?

So I don’t know,
but I ponder;
it seems:
that we..
in absorbant
PLANETS of dreams

(but I still want to see how you see)

A dream is a wish fulfilled

So much movement and uncertainty
Me and blue with some other people
Destination was uncertain
Me not knowing,  blue as always,  going somewhere else, and soon
With a red,  red mouth
Like he had a disease
And I wanted so badly for blue
To just stay and sit with me
So I was trying to switch things around with my mind
To make it so.

It is not so…

I woke up
thinking about the
Blood in your mouth.

Card folk

the page of the stars and the barstools told me he loved me,
well there he is
inside fake tan lines and
forced rhymes
bed’s full of sand  and
bland has been overtaken by cat piss
on the street, still trashed
“fuckin jap
ugly, fuckin, jap”
to me, saiid a crack

now say it on mushrooms
no plans
and no eyes
i sing a far-off song
type time blues of last calls
then i must search for socks,
then it’s all about clocks

blast your electrode,
you’ve been there too long
i’m brandy with a braided chain
i think we’re the same
song of cups with no calls
calls my name